Patients who visit Skyline Dental Associates are loyal to our dentist and team. Some of them even travel long distances so they can come to us for professional, comprehensive dental care in Ottawa, Ontario. Here are a few reviews from our patients about how they enjoyed visiting our comfortable office for dental services. Contact Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor if you want to leave a review or schedule your next appointment. We are eager to take care of your smile!


Maria Ouellette
“I have gone to Skyline Dental Associates since they have reopened during phase 2 of Covid-19. I needed to get crowns done. I felt extremely safe during the entire visit. When you enter, you are required to remove your shoes and put on foot covers, then you are provided with a surgical gown, head cover, and mask. Once dressed you proceed to the back room where the dental work is done. Your mask is removed once the work starts. As I said, I felt very safe during my entire visit. Dr. Ebrahimpoor and staff have ensured patient and staff safety with everything they have implemented during Covid-19. I highly recommend Skyline Dental Associates.”

Nathalie Norman
“I cannot say enough about a how amazing Skyline Dental is. I’m someone who suffers from severe fear and anxiety from going to the dentist and the staff and Dr. Ebrahimpoor are so wonderful and patient with you, they make you feel so at ease.”

Amanda Milson
“Highly professional and knowledgeable staff. Very empathetic to patients comfort level with dentistry. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for superior quality in both outcomes and care.”

Steve Fischer
“I was extremely impressed with how the office is set up to handle patients during the pandemic. Skyline Dental has the most impressive safety measures I have seen at any business, including all the usual measures – face masks & shields, hand sanitizer, only allowing one patient in at a time and only after questioning you about symptoms – but also many extra precautions. These include temperature check, providing gown and cap, and added air purification in all the rooms. It took all the worry about Covid out of the equation. Then all I had to worry about was my fillings – which as per usual were handled with great skill and the absolute minimum of discomfort. I can highly recommend this dental practice!”