A Dental Bridge Can Be Used to Treat Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth to a severe cavity, dental trauma, or a severe dental fracture can affect your mouth in many ways. Beyond the obvious loss of function, the void left behind can cause you to slur certain elements of your speech, alter your appearance, and even lead to complications in your bite pattern. In a situation like this, you should... read more »

A Deeply Cracked Tooth Might Need Endodontic Therapy

Oral trauma, such as a blow to the face or a hard fall, can sometimes come with serious complications. Things like participating in a contact sport without wearing a quality mouthguard or using your teeth as tools will significantly increase your chances of suffering damage to one or more of your teeth. If a fracture penetrates deep into a tooth... read more »

Restorative Dentistry: The Ways to Fix Your Smile

If you have a chipped, broken, decayed, or damaged smile, then it’s best to take advantage of restorative dentistry as soon as possible. Restorative dentistry in Ottawa, Ontario, is a branch of dentistry that can repair your teeth and give you the strong and successful oral health you deserve. There are many treatments that fall under this branch of dentistry,... read more »