Poor Oral Hygiene Practices Can Lead to the Buildup of Hardened Tartar

If your daily efforts at brushing and flossing fail to fully remove stray food particles and plaque from your teeth, the poor oral hygiene condition in your mouth can contribute to a wide range of oral health issues. In time the lingering bacterial deposits can gradually harden into tartar. The presence of this bacteria-laden material near the gumline can eventually... read more »

Tips When Dealing with a Dental Emergency

A blow to the mouth during sports, or some other activity can potentially damage teeth and soft oral tissues. In a moment such as this you might need some basic oral first-aid while you make an emergency appointment with our dentist, Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor. If a tooth has been completely knocked out, our dentist might be able to place it... read more »

Keep Your Smile Safe This Summer with the Help of Sedation Dentistry

Keep your smile safe this summer with the help of sedation dentistry. With varying degrees of sedative, rest assured that your oral health care treatments will be done safely and effectively, with little to no discomfort to you whatsoever. Listed below are some of the superb ways sedation dentistry can be used in dentistry today: - A fast-acting and variable... read more »

A Damaged Crown Needs Immediate Attention

Your dental crown was designed to restore a tooth that was suffering from significant tooth decay, damage, or cosmetic imperfections. While it is made from durable materials that will handle the rigors of chewing common foods, there are still some rare occasions when a crown can be chipped or damaged. If you have a crown that is damaged, you need... read more »